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Al Diya Migration Services Best Immigration Consultant in Dubai

When it comes to choosing the best guide, mentor or consultant for immigration, especially in a dream destination DUBAI, only a few names are there, which deserves to be on the top of the list. The Al Diya Migration Services is one among these names. Our team is knowledgeable in various immigration services. With Al Diya Migration Services, you not only discover opportunities that are best suited for you but also get the tools and experience to help you apply to them with the highest chances of success.

Why Al Diya Migration Services Best Immigration Consultants in Dubai?

The Al Diya Migration Services has received immense appreciation and positive reviews from a vast number of clients for setting high standards of client service and offering and inclusive Immigration procedure support and assistance to the clients. We at Al Diya Migration Services have the objective and aim to make the visa process easier and smooth for the applicants.

Al Diya Migration offers its services to:

What are the Immigration Services Al Diya offers?

We at Al Diya Migration services, being the top immigration consultancy service in Dubai, offer all-encompassing and quality migration services to our client across the globe. The immigration Services and solutions being offered by Al Diya are as follows:

  • Case study/ Analysis
  • Pre Assessment
  • Documentation Assistance
  • Visa Application
  • Resume Rebuilding
  • International Admissions
  • Refusal Case Analysis and Refiling

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A Work Visa allows you to legally work in a certain country for a specific period of time.

Most countries require you to have a job offer from that country before you apply for a Work Visa. The Company which has given you the job offer also needs to sponsor your Visa. You may also be required to have a positive Labour Market Test before you apply for the same.

Hence, to get a Work Visa you must first meet the eligibility requirements of the Visa specified by the particular country.

A visa is issued by the immigration authorities at the immigration office. An immigration official has the right to allow the person entry into the country. A work permit is issued by an international or national company that outsources in other countries for the sake of hiring professional staff.

While a visa is a document needed for entering a particular country, a work permit is an employment letter that is issued to an employee by an employer for the sake of entering the country.

Yes, there is hundred percent refund if we fail to provide the work permit.

Yes, the visa fee paid in the embassy will not be refundable whereas the university fee paid will be refunded within 45 working days.