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Malaysia Student Visa

Malaysia Student Visa

The student population in Malaysia has grown to just under 180 000 with students from over 80 world countries, with the majority coming from countries such as Bangladesh, China, Indonesia, Nigeria, India, and Pakistan. Universities in Malaysia have a wide range of quality and well-taught programs from which students can choose from, such as Tourism, Business, Engineering, Architecture, Law, International Studies, and Pharmacy among an endless list.

As with all international tertiary institutions, universities on the Island offer similar time frames regarding the length of academic; 2 years for associate degrees, 3-4 years for undergraduate program (with option for summer school reduce timeline, while courses also differ depending on program requirements, internship etc.), 1-2 years for Masters programs, 3-4 years or Ph.D. programs.

The study timeframe ranges are largely dependent on ones’ type of program, course outline and requirements as well as the learner’s dedication and outcome objective.

Malaysia offers significantly affordable quality education for international students. On average the tuition for undergraduate programs cost $3,950 to $9 000 per year per academic year although individual prices differ from university to university.

Education at franchise international universities is way cheaper in Malaysia as compared to the mainstream countries and campuses.

Moderate living costs for international students between $350 - $500 monthly.

Malaysia is listed on UNESCO's top ten destinations for post-secondary education. The country has numerous international MoU's and agreements with various stakeholders, hence it is affiliated with world-class education that produces recognized and highly capable students.

The Island is next to other booming economies in the region Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines making networking and access to different tourist destinations and work markets easier.

1 passport size photograph

1 passport size photograph with WHITE background (35mm x 45mm).

A copy of your Passport

You will be required to submit a copy of your passport. Here’s what we need:

  • Your passport data page (bio-data page which shows your face, name etc)
  • All pages with Visa information. We don’t need all the pages of your passport. If the page is empty, you do not need to submit it.

    Note: Students originating from the countries listed below must provide a copy of ALL passport pages during the submission of student pass application to EMGS:

    • Libya
    • Iran
    • Iraq
    • Somalia
    • Sudan
    • Syria
    • Yemen
  • Observation page (showing any extensions, clarifications of name, and previous passport numbers)
  • Recommended passport validity duration is 12 months

    Note: For one-off Student Pass applications, the recommended validity is 12 months longer than the duration of study.

  • Special Pass or Exit Stamp (if applicable)
Additional documents may also be needed if you are:
Offer Letter

A copy of your offer letter is required in order to apply for a student visa in Malaysia. If you are making an online application, you will only be able to fill out the form and submit an application once you have received a letter of acceptance/offer from your university/college.

Health Declaration Form

You will be required to fill up and submit a copy of the health declaration form to apply for a student visa in Malaysia.

Your academic certificates and transcripts

You need to provide copies of all academic records, certificates or transcripts of studies previously undertaken. Some courses have additional entry requirements. For information regarding these additional requirements check the entry requirements provided by your educational institution.

If you are coming from a country which is considered to be at a high risk of yellow fever, you will be required to obtain the necessary inoculations before coming to Malaysia. You will be asked to provide your yellow fever vaccination booklet/card before you can clear Immigration at the point of entry.

Countries or areas where “a risk of yellow fever transmission is present,” as defined by the World Health Organization, are countries or areas where “yellow fever has been reported currently or in the past.

Personal Bond

The Immigration Department requires all education institutions in Malaysia to sign a personal bond on behalf of the candidate, binding the University for a specified sum. To comply with this requirement, the institution will require you to lodge the specified amount for this purpose. This money will be returned to you upon completion or withdrawal of your study in the institution, on condition that there is no violation of any provision of the Immigration laws of Malaysia.


The personal bond form can be submitted after you have arrived in Malaysia for the student pass endorsement. If the personal bond is submitted before the VAL is issued, any errors found will not affect the VAL approval process; however Institutions are advised to make the necessary corrections before the student pass sticker endorsement stage

No-Objection Certificate (NOC)

No-Objection Certificate (NOC) is only required if the student is from Sudan . This document must be applied by the institution, and can only be collected from the Sudanese Embassy in Kuala Lumpur by the institution representatives.

Letter Of Eligibility (LOE)

Letter Of Eligibility (LOE) is only required if the student is from Iran. The institution must apply an LOE for the student at the Iranian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur. Once the LOE application is approved, the embassy will provide the LOE details to EMGS directly. Institute representatives are not required to collect the LOE from the Iranian Embassy.

English Language Requirement

Most courses in universities in Malaysia are conducted in English, so you need to show your English language competency is good enough for you to be able to participate fully in your course. This means that proficiency in English is a prerequisite for admission.

When you apply for a Visa Approval Letter (VAL) you must demonstrate that you have an acceptable level of English language proficiency, and upload the certificate as part of your application. The English Language tests which are accepted for Student Pass Application are:

IMPORTANT! If you do not attach your English language certificate when creating your VAL application, your application processing may be delayed. In addition, you will also not be eligible to receive a student pass for the full duration of your course.