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Singapore Student Visa

Singapore Student Visa

Singapore, the small country off Malaysia is a sovereign state which is also one of the financial hubs of the world. The country is located right on the equator. Singapore is a small country which can technically be called a city. However, it is a highly advanced country with top class infrastructure available for its residents, investors and for business houses.

Singapore is a beautiful country which more or less was built by the Government in Singapore. It is a hot place. IT is one of those rare countries which is 100% substance-abuse free.

Education in Singapore focuses more on making a child global citizen. Hence Singapore provides education that is much closer to USA and UK while also providing a highly competitive syllabus.

Singapore houses many man made zoos, parks, waterfalls. This country has a lot of greenery around and is the cleanest nations in the world. Studying in Singapore is a value addition not just to your resume but also to your personality.

Singapore [Officially known as the Republic of Singapore] might be the smallest country in South-East Asia, but that doesn’t stop it from being one of the most economically advanced countries. Having one of the busiest ports in the world, called Port of Singapore, has immensely globalized and diversified its economy which is also known to be one of the freest and most competitive. Acute poverty is rare in Singapore; in fact it has a decent percentage of the World’s millionaires.

Singapore Education is also a key development area that offers a spectrum of courses in diverse fields. It is rated as the best business-friendly economy in the world. The cosmopolitan country with a touch of modernity offers a good standard of living with progressive job opportunities.

Admission Requirement

Singapore student admission requirements for Indian in same order as given hereunder:

Documents Required For Singapore Student Visa:

Singapore student pass requirements for Indian in same order as given hereunder:

Applicants are encouraged to apply at least 2 months before the commencement of the course.

If the required documents are not in the English language, officially translated versions, as well as copies in the original language, are required.

Study Visa for Singapore Procedure

For Singapore, there is no fixed set of requirements for the student pass. Students submit the documents, and ICA makes a decision. If the following boxes are ticked, students will most likely be granted a student pass:

Singapore has the ambition to be a regional education hub. So in general, the student pass process is kept as accessible and streamlined as possible.

Students should process the Student Pass application as soon as possible can. Students are advised to bring their original documents when they collect their student pass.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that students will always need a valid endorsement in their passport, be it a student pass or social visit pass.